The secret to radiant, soft skin is here. Experience ancient Moroccan beauty rituals right here in Colombo...


We are a day spa with the unique concept of using steam to aid in relaxation. Steaming is a deep cleansing treatment for the skin. It increases circulation and metabolism, adds moisture to the skin and helps remove oil and toxins from unclogged pores. The steam continuously stimulates the pores, allowing herbs or essential oils to be absorbed into the skin for maximum results.

Our nail services center around a luxury Moroccan Savon Beldi (traditional Moroccan “black” soap) and a Kessa mitt. Combined with steam, you will leave with an unforgettable experience and soft skin.

The kessa exfoliating glove is traditionally used with black sopa in hammam spas as an ancient ritual to help promote soft, clean and beautiful skin.


Allow yourself to relax and be pampered in our luxurious day spa. Ancient beauty rituals; modern technology.


We are a step ahead when it comes to sanitation. Our team uses Hospital-grade, EPA approved, broad-spectrum disinfectant to sanitise all metal instruments before placing them in an Autoclave. Surgery grade level of sterilization standards are maintained at all times.

Our nail files are made of high quality crystal glass that seal the keratin at the edge of your nails, this prevents chipping and peeling. We also use high quality metal foot files & crystal foot files which allows us to safely and gently remove calluses. The files are then sanitised and sterilised. We do not use credo blades, fresh towels are provided for each guest and sinks are sanitized between clients. Nail technicians, as well as their clients, are required to use a hand sanitiser before getting a manicure.

We use podiatrist approved products such as Gehwol and Footlogix to treat various nail and skin conditions.


Book a manicure, pedicure or massage treatment today and treat yourself to Colombo’s first nail spa with Moroccan steam technology. You deserve it.

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