Invigorate your senses. Allow the organic healing process to naturally unfold in the serene atmosphere of our spa.


Breathe is a day spa with the unique concept of using steam to aid in relaxation. Steaming is a deep cleansing treatment for the skin. It increases circulation and metabolism, adds moisture to the skin and helps remove oil and toxins from unclogged pores. The steam continuously stimulates the pores, allowing herbs or essential oils to be absorbed into the skin for maximum results.


“Be beautiful, be stylish, and love yourself.”

— Karishma Tanna


Calm your body and mind. Choose from a range of luxurious massage ceremonies.


Our facilities include the use of our sound-proofed massage rooms with Bose music system, bath tubs, bathrobes, bath slippers, a lovely garden outside for you to do your own yoga practice or an outdoor massage.

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